Thursday, 23 November 2017

An Ode to Nature - Rhilo Mero (BA 6th Semester)

Out from the cold dark eternal space,
You were seamlessly created by the Creator,
From the books of Chapters and Verses
You have been mentioned as a part of the creation.

From nothing into something,
of the smallest to the biggest.
From starry heights to the deepest,
You are the awe and wonder of everything.

The breathless and the breathing,
The stillness and the raging forces,
The light and the dark,
You comprises of them all!

This 'World' would not be called one
If it were not for you.
And 'I'...?
I am nothing, but a part of you.

'I' am a slave of time and death
My body will wither only to turn to ashes
And from my ashes, you'll rise again.
You are in all, the greatest!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

In Search of a Hero - Loinoli H Chophy (BA 3rd Semester)

Life is dead rough sometimes,

Takes you back to olden times;
Where fate put you in tempests,
And you went through a tough phase
Such situations, never ready to face.

Echoes of my screams running wild;
Of the pain I thought it was mild.
Whenever I closed my eyes at night,
Visions of the war I just begun to fight,
Flashed in a frenzy light.

My mother once told me about,
The heroes who would come around,
And save you from the depths of sorrow,
So you can face another tomorrow.
Was it just a story to cheer the fallen?

I searched for my hero everywhere,
Only to realize he was nowhere.
Where was my hero when I needed him?
When my harsh life left me dazed
And lost wandered I through the meadows.

My feelings seemed a game for life,
Like rolling stones down the hills.
I cried until my throat had died.
Spiting on my miserable life,
Which stabbed me like a knife.

The hero I very much yearned,
Never reached me in the end.
In the end, sinking on my misery,
I realized, there was something untried,
To be a hero for myself!

I thought to myself
“If heroes are there for us,
Who is there for them?”
And then like a lightning,
It stroked and crossed my mind.

“Heroes must have been my kind”,
Played by life until they cried,
But they stood up and tried.
And with a sense of relief,
With all my might to find, I finally stood.

The hero; not the one who will save me,
But the one who resides in me.
Because at the end of the day,

I am my own hero, now and forever more.

Picture courtesy - TV Guide

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dancing Highway - Raben Lotha (BA 2nd Semester)

In the hub of Purana Bazar,
Locked in Dimapur’s heart,
There’s a highway “dancing”!
You may not know…
But this road is an offshoot
Of NH-29, a silk route.
At the most,
A few hundreds and then some,
Travellers, weary and shakey,
Pass by to reach their destinies.

It ebbs and flows,
Growing mucky in July,
Half painted black for the rest.
This fateful “dancing highway”;
It’s outlandish and it’s daft!
But I wish you take
A ride takes that way.
And know how, like my hunch.
The weather is going to turn
Nasty and mucky again.

Oh! “YOU” Billionaire,
You fly high in the sky,
Thundering across the rustic area,
Like a shooting star.
And do not know,
What my hunch feels like.
Hear me, I pray!
Do not let the road
Dance and and fall like waves.

This road is for
Every Nation, tongue, and tribe.
And now it’s the time,
The day and the year,
To rebuild the “Dancing Highway”.

Image courtesy - Sunil Deepak (2015)

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Darkness - Kechangutuo Meyase (BA 2nd Semester)

I look in to the night sky and I wonder “why”?
Why is there so little we know,
So little we see.
All I know is that I’m me.

I see the beauty in the darkness.
It may be there, or may be not.
But endless thoughts flourish my mind,
Of what I want the darkness to be.

If it was mine, I’d cherish my possession.
But if light unveiled something terrible,
I can’t say I’d be proud of my darkness.
Though I’d stand by it.

I wouldn’t return my back
On something I wish to be beautiful
My darkness is youthful,
So it may always change for the better.

But if the darkness was something great,
Others would grow irate.
That I took a change and paid off.
 I’d lay down and die for my darkness.

I think you should believe nothing you hear,
And half of what you see.
But I have full loyalty in what I see.
Why? Because I see its beauty.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A World In Despair - Aremtenzuk Longchari (BA 2nd Semester)

Look as they build up courage,
To take the first step, trembling,
Till they are filled with rage.
There they lie, fighting,
For a tomorrow they may never see.

Look at the hate we’re breeding,
How did we come to this?
A world that’s bleeding,
Can we ever hope to find bliss
In this world, that’s crying for help?

Look at the fire in my heart.
Remembering the heroes that died,
My heart aches for a new start.
But alas, are our hands tied,
I fear the day, I’ll care no more.

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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Futility of Success - Imchenmeren (BA 6th Semester)

You had a dream,

You wanted it to be true.
You gave your very best,
And you did achieve it.

You became successful,
You then had wealth.
And then you had power,
You made your dream come true.

You lost something precious;
You lost your emotions for love.
You had everything materialistic.

You lost the feeling
Of love and happiness.
Fallen so deep in your own dreams
You forgot what was most important.

You lost your son,
Your own daughter,
Your wife
And alas…yourself!

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Seeker - Mereninla Jamir (BA 4th Semester)

When worlds collide with  pride,
And minds where none exist;
Life just not a mere ride,
Rather how we live to exist.
Seeker I am, seeking for a solution,
To end conundrum she has to face,
Minds of men are a delusion,
And thus, leaves no trace.

No being knows what she's worth,
A duty it has been to serve humanity.
If only we see her value indeed,
And focus to perform our duty,
She will grow to give her best,
And all because of our sincerity.
That we put ourselves to test,
We will be loaded with her prosperity.

A day put myself to discover,
How it feels to be in midst of nature.
Her music enchants like a cover,
Where she chants of an ambiguous future.
The songs once relished with joy,
Have turned out to be a lament.
Tears roll in absence of an absolution,
In this greedy world of torment!

His art has solely been magnified
In all glimpses of her beauty.
Yet His works not been justified,
As we never sought her beauty.
What we see is for one's own self,
The eye not a seeker but destroyer,
Of mother nature and own self.
Thus to us, we have become a betrayer.